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Dear parent(s),

Next schoolyear we want to start with an after school storytelling activity for the IPS students of 8-12 years. Here under, the teacher, explains what she wants to learn the children in this course.

Workshop ‘Storytelling’ IPS Almere

‘Once upon a time….. or how to be a great storyteller!’

Do you love stories? A story told by a great storyteller could take you on a journey to any imaginable place in the world. Most people love to listen to stories, but not that many know how to tell them vividly by heart. Would you like to learn how to tell stories professionally?

If you join this workshop this fall after school you’ll make a start of being a storyteller yourself. At the end you will be able to tell in a professional way a story by heart in front of a real audience. We’ll invite of course your parents, brothers and sisters to come to the final presentation.

You can chose to tell a story in Dutch, English or French, or multilingual.

Who am I? My name is Frédérique te Dorsthorst – de Muij. I’m a storyteller, teacher and organization advisor.

I’ve liked stories my whole life. Since 2012 I also tell stories professionally to ‘children’ at the age of 3 – 103. When I tell stories I use all kind of different storytelling techniques, like the Kamishibai, drawing stories or multilingual storytelling.

Besides telling stories myself, I also learn both children or adults how to tell stories using the different storytelling techniques. Furthermore I use the power of stories to accompany changing process in companies.

Goal of the workshop ‘Storytelling’

In this workshop children experience the joy and fun of telling a (fantasy) story all by their own, by heart and in a professional way.

They make their own stories out of a common known story or learn how to tell an existing story they choose to work with. They learn how to present it in front of a group or an audience.

Storytelling help children automatically with their competences of Dutch or English or French, like vocabulary or syntax. I will not learn children a new language, but only help them to speak the languages they know already a bit.

Target group

Children 8 - 12 year old

The different ages and levels can easily be together in one group, because every child works with their own chosen story at their own level. Obviously there might be in the end during the presentation a difference in level between the younger and the older children, but during this course every child has grown in their own way, and at their own level.

Learning goals

Learn the difference between reading and telling a story Start of learning how to make your own stories Learn to present yourself in front of a group Learn to be focused at your audience during your presentation Learn how good stories are build up (storytelling theory) Learn some (basic) techniques how to tell a story (articulation, use of the voice, etc.) Learn some techniques how to memorize a story (drawing, storyline, etc.) Learn how to tell stories in a visual way for the audience Learn how to change the scene of the story to correspond with the age of the audience, the time of the year, the location where the story is being told, etc.. Learn some different ways of how stories can be told (Kamishibai, drawing stories, etc.)

Time of the workshop

Monday at 15:30 – 16:30


25-9, 2-10, 9-10, 16-10, 30-10, 6-11, 13-11, 20-11

Size of a group

max 10 - 12 children


€96,00 for 8 classes

Enrollment: send an e-mail to IPS After School Activities Coordinator Nicole Gerritsen at


Beste regards, 

Nicole Gerritsen

After School Activities Coordinator IPS Almere

T. 06 50244982 

Dear Parents,


I can't believe that the end of the school year is fast approaching. Year 5A have had a great year and it will be sad to see them go.

Just a couple of things:

- Can all children bring a plastic bag on Wednesday to place their school items inside;

- On Thursday we will be having our international lunch. Can everyone please bring a plate of food to share;

- On Thursday Year 5A would like to share with you some videos we made for the end of school year. Would you be able to join us at 14:50 in our classroom.



Ms. Sarah

Dear parents,  

We are so grateful that so many of you were able to attend the musical last week. However, I know that due to unfortunate timing, some of you were unable to attend. Also, I am sure that some of you would like to watch it again since it was such a great performance.  Therefore, thanks to Ms. Gina, we have a recording that we will share with you. To help with uploading it is broken up into 7 pieces.  They are all on my Google Drive.  Follow this link to access them: 


Kind Regards,

Ms. Jana

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